Please see the below on how to order a customised print. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

There are 5 font styles to choose from for our customisable prints. 

Which font style should I choose?

Please see the styles in the image on the left and pick your favourite.

Next, take a look at our advice on customising your print. We want your print to look as good as possible, so have given examples of wording below.

Tips for customising your print

Rhubarb is a great font for names and short descriptions. 
For example,  “Rhubarb the Labrador” or  “Rhubarb’s pawprint”

If you choose ‘Luna’, we would recommend writing:
Your pet’s name plus address, or a short message/description.
For example, “Luna. A loveable Russian Blue cat, mum to Salt, Pepper and Chilli. Brings our family nothing but happiness.” 

If you choose ‘Beagles’, we would recommend the following format:
Three descriptive words plus your pet’s breed.

Chanel is a great choice for:
your pet’s name, plus the date you plan to take your pawprint. 

If you are choosing the style ‘Charlie’, we would recommend the following format:
1. Pet’s year of birth
2. Pet’s name
3. Three adjectives to describe them

Please refer to the image above for examples.