Siberian Husky: Personalised Pet Paw Print Framed in Black (A4)
Name Personalised Paw Print Framed in Black on Gossip Tables
High Definition Paw Print being taken: Shetland Sheepdog Sheepdog
Personalised Kit with A4 Photo Frame
Personalised Kit with A4 Photo Frame


Personalised Kit with A4 Photo Frame

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Frame Style:A4 Chestnut & Gold
Gift Wrap:Gift Wrap

This kit is purrrfect if you want a framed PawPrint, with your pet's name on, but don't want the fuss of finding a frame that fits!

We include:

  • 1x Original PawPrint Kit
  • 1x A4 Photo Frame in your choice of colour
  • 2x A4 Customised prints with your furry friend's name on (one to practice on!)
  • Optional: Ombre Gift Wrap and Gold Ribbon + £2

All you'll need to do is press your pet's paw down onto the custom print we send you, slot it into the frame and then find somewhere to display it!  Hang it on your wall, gift it to a loved one or put it on your bedside table.   

We're different from the competition...

Experience mess-free magic with our pawprint stamp!

While traditional stamps often lead to messy paws, our stamp uses a clever ink transfer technique. Your pet's paw never touches the ink, ensuring clean paws every single time.