New Kitten Kit
Cat with New Kitten Paw Print Kit
Kitten's Three Months Paw Print
New Kitten Kit
Three Months Cat Paw Print
Personalised Birthday card with Paw Print
Six Months Paw Print Framed on Mantle Piece
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New Kitten Kit

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This Kit contains everything you need to record your kitten’s precious paws at three months, six months and one year.

It allows any kitten lover to create a unique pet keepsake. It comes in a New Kitten Memories box, as pictured, so it makes a fabulous and unique gift for a new kitten owner. And the best part? No need to wash the paws - it’s completely mess free!

Frame your kitten's tiny paws, sign a card from them, gift them, pin them to your noticeboard, turn them into a tattoo and more! You'll always get to treasure your new pet with this cherished keepsake kit.

  • Frames + £6: You can add on a bundle of 3 Photo Frames at £2 each for the cards if you prefer to save the hassle on finding frames yourself. How Pawsome!
  • Gift Wrap + £2: Ombre wrapping paper with thin gold ribbon


We're different from the competition...

Experience mess-free magic with our pawprint stamp!

While traditional stamps often lead to messy paws, our stamp uses a clever ink transfer technique. Your pet's paw never touches the ink, ensuring clean paws every single time.