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Personalised Pet Paw Print Kit


Personalised Pet Paw Print Kit

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Number of cards per kit:2
Frame (one unit):Frameless
Gift Wrap:No Gift Wrap

Our Original PawPrint Kit - now with personalisation! This kit goes beyond capturing your pet's pawprint; it adds that extra special touch by including custom cards adorned with your pet's name.

And that's not all! While a single frame can be included, if you'd like additional frames, hop over to our separate listing here for more options.

Personalisation Information:

  1. Each kit includes a minimum of two personalised cards (one to practice on).

  2. The font is as depicted in the images.

  3. For households with multiple pets, select the appropriate number of cards – we recommend two cards per pet.

  4. Please ensure the quantity of cards matches the number of pets. We cannot fulfill requests for more pet names if you've not selected enough cards.

  5. Note: Each card accommodates one pet's name, as shown in the images. If you wish to have multiple pet names on a single card, explore our customisable framed kit listing here or contact us via our contact form for special requests.

  6.  If we receive two names from you for two cards, we will assume this is one name per card. If your pet has a first and last name, please make this clear to us. E.g. 2x Fluffy Jones. If we receive a message saying 'Fluffy Jones' we will assume you want 1x Fluffy, 1x Jones 


We're different from the competition...

Experience mess-free magic with our pawprint stamp!

While traditional stamps often lead to messy paws, our stamp uses a clever ink transfer technique. Your pet's paw never touches the ink, ensuring clean paws every single time.