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Mix & Match 2-Pack

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Kit 1:Original
Kit 2:Original

This brilliant 2-Pack means you can get your paws on any two of our kits, at a discounted price. Perhaps you want a kit and your friend has a new puppy? Or your pet's birthday is coming up and you also want to get their pawprints tattooed. Whatever the occasion - we have you covered! 

Our pets are like family, and our PawPrint Stamps are here to celebrate that special bond. 🐾

The best part? Say goodbye to messy paws! Our magical ink transfer ensures a mess-free experience. ✨

We're different from the competition...

Experience mess-free magic with our pawprint stamp!

While traditional stamps often lead to messy paws, our stamp uses a clever ink transfer technique. Your pet's paw never touches the ink, ensuring clean paws every single time.