Brown, White and Black Dog with Paw Print on Christmas Themed Card
Christmas Edition Paw Print Kit
Christmas Themed Card Paw Print
PawPrinter Gift Kit: Christmas Themed Card


It's Christmas! Themed Kit

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Our Christmas Kits are perfect for secret santa, as a stocking filler or for under the tree! The cute little Christmas card is perfect to stick on your fridge or put in your tree.  

All you'll need to do is press your pet's paw down onto the themed card we send you and voila - your pawprint is complete! 

This kit includes:

  • 1x PawPrint Kit in 'It's Christmas!' Packaging 
  • 1x themed cards in 'It's Christmas!' pattern
  • 1x How to Use Guide
  • 2x Practice Cards


We're different from the competition...

Experience mess-free magic with our pawprint stamp!

While traditional stamps often lead to messy paws, our stamp uses a clever ink transfer technique. Your pet's paw never touches the ink, ensuring clean paws every single time.